Examen Prayer

Daily Examen prayer is “rummaging for God.” Going through a drawer full of stuff, feeling around, looking for something that you are sure must be there.” It is an opportunity to look back on the day, rummaging through the “stuff,” and finding God in it. We know he is there.

The Examen prayer is a practice for discerning the voice and activity of God within the flow of the day. It is a chance to reflect on the day and consider how and where God might be prompting you to behave or act. You may choose to discuss some of these together, ponder silently on some of the prompts, or turn them into prayers. Adapt the questions to suit your family.

Model and coach your children in this practice, so it becomes part of their daily rhythm.

1. Give thanks – What are you grateful for today? Where have you noticed God at work? Were there moments when I felt ungrateful?

2. Ask for help – What do you need help with? Who around you might need help? Where have you seen God at work?

3. Reflect on your day - What have you seen, what have you noticed? What was the most life -giving part of your day? What was the most difficult or challenging part of your day? When today did you feel connected to God? When did you feel least connected?

4. Say sorry - Look inward, who/what do I need to say sorry to/for, What might I need to do differently?

5. Decide - Look forward into the coming days… Where/What might God be prompting you to go, do or say?

I wonder how you might use this prayer and reflection exercise with your family?

I wonder how it might open up listening and noticing conversations with your family?