Lockdown Resources

For Young People

The world has been turned upside down, our normal way of life has changed beyond all recognition and we now spend an increased amount of time in the same 4 walls. Maybe you have access to a garden; maybe you’re enjoying the extra time spent on video games, playing guitar or another hobby; maybe you’re still attending school because of the role your parents play; maybe someone close to you has suffered with Covid-19; maybe you are getting fed up of not being able to see people you would normally enjoy hanging out with.

There will be a whole heap of emotions that we feel, and situations that we encounter that we haven’t experienced before, and probably that others haven’t experienced too. In this time of lockdown there are many people out there willing to help you, and resources for you to use in helping yourself.

In this season of lockdown, and even as we start to go back to a form of normality, we are in control much more of the media we see and hear. No longer are we subject to our friends music or opinions in the same way, we also have less input from teachers and other adults. In this time choose positivity. Change your news feed settings on social media so that you see things that make you happy; use a music streaming playlist to change your mood; and engage with things that bring you joy, even if that is Marie Kondo folding clothes!

For a daily dose of inspiration and relevant and practical Bible Teaching check out the Soul Survivor YouTube Channel (Link to www.youtube.com/soulsurvivoruk) where Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft share a 5-10minute podcast- it's called Take Heart, and it’s a really good!

Kooth (link to www.kooth.com) is a great website full of support from peers and professionals to make sure you are ok in this lockdown season. Once you have signed up there are opportunities to read and write short stories about how you are, there are message boards on loads of topics and also people to talk to if you need some support in anything, big or small.

Young Minds (link to www.youngminds.org.uk) is another site packed full of ideas to help us look after ourselves.

For Children’s and Youth Ministers

Your role at this time may have changed, it may feel quite disorientating trying to work out how to minister to and disciple the children and young people you work with from a distance but you have a vital role to play in supporting families at this time.

If at all possible stay connected with the families you normally engage with week by week. It doesn’t matter whether this is by social media, telephone, email, or by sharing activity ideas; they will really come to value the way you have continued to support them throughout this.

Please signpost families to the section below For Families where there are lots of resources available, and please do send us any you have found particularly helpful so we can encourage others to use them.

Video conferencing has become part of the new normal and Children and Young People can be a part of it too, why not try a catch up with your regular group one weekday afternoon with them all logging in. You might need to explain how the mute button works, but once they know they seem better at using it than adults!

It is important that any Church Activity regardless of whether it is now taking place in person or online is properly Risk Assessed and for children you have their (and their parents, where age defines it) permission to both contact them and include them in any group communications. Please see below some example Risk Assessments and consent forms for using video conferencing. They have been written by Louisa Ley our Youth Hub leader, but have been de-personalised so with a small amount of editing they should be relevant to any setting.

For churches who use the lectionary readings, you can find wonderfully created resources on Facebook here 

If you would like any advice or support please do get in touch with Kira Hedley Smith- details on the CYP Team page.

For  Families

Supporting Health and Wellbeing

Talk to your children 

  • Involving our family and children in our plans for good health is essential. We need be alert to and ask children what they have heard about the outbreak and support them, without causing them alarm. 
  • We need to minimise the negative impact it has on our children and explain the facts to them. Discuss the news with them but try and avoid over-exposure to coverage of the virus. Be as truthful as possible. 
  • Let’s not avoid the ‘scary topic’ but engage in a way that is appropriate for them. You could try using this book for explaining to children about the virus.

Try out some of these ideas to help your family thrive through the lockdown

  • Why not try these boredom busters from TLG.
  • Many communities are now covered in Rainbows, where people are placing them in their windows as a sign of hope and community. Why not go on a walk and see how many you can find
  • The Scouts have put together this list of 100 things to do indoors, they are organized by age group so there should be something for everyone
  • If you haven’t seen Joe Wicks daily workout now is the time to get involved, at 9am every weekday he broadcasts on YouTube, it’s a great way to create a routine and get the whole family involved together.
  • Colouring can be both a calming influence and a great time eater- there are lots of sheets available to download free from Google or why not try this site where the artist has made a number of colouring sheets free.

Supporting Faith

One of the primary places Children grow in their faith is the home and for the time being it will be the main place they do so. Children’s faith journeys can be supported by the adults in the household, and often our own faith journey can be strengthened too.

While this time can be stressful for all families it may also provide a time for setting a new rhythm. If you’re not in the habit of saying grace at meals, why not start now as we are eating more meals at home; If you struggle praying with your children, make this an opportunity to explore together what praying means; Perhaps this time too, might be an opportunity to dust off a Bible and start reading together.

If you want to read more about Growing Faith at home The Youth and Children’s Work Magazine is a great place to start. Every month they include a section on Faith at home and you can sign up for free to read it- www.youthandchildrens.work

Below are some ideas for growing in faith at home, you don’t have to try and make it like Sunday Church, but have a go and let us know what is working for you and your family

  • Mary Hawes and the National Team have curated a list of worship ideas for the home here 
  • There are lots of great YouTube links and creative prayer ideas on this site, and it's free to sign up www.engageworship.org. They also post daily reflections on their Facebook page which you can find here
  • Ministry-to-children.com came up with this list of busting boredom with Bible stories
  • To support your family in prayer why not try looking at the prayer spaces in schools website where there are lots of creative ways to pray as a family
  • And don’t forget Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Spotify, YouTube and indeed other streaming services have a huge amount of worship music on them. Search for songs you know and love and spend time listening to them as you go about your daily lives, you may even find a new one to share with your Church when we gather again.