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Leading evangelism - The Canterbury Diocese Learning Hub

What is it?

An opportunity to learn together with other churches how to nurture the ministry of evangelism where you are. Delivered by CPAS in partnership with Canterbury Diocese, the hub will not tell you the right way of doing evangelism - it will put you in the position to work out what this means in your context.  Look a Leading Evangelism Learning Hub - Youtube

Why do this now?

Because in the post Christian, post Covid world, the majority of our nation are non-churched or de-churched, and 40% of our churches have no one under 16 on a Sunday. Yet there is great spiritual openness, especially among the 18-35s.

What is the commitment?

You will need to:

  • gather a small team (e.g., clergy plus 2 – 5 others)
  • commit to four face to face meetings and four online meetings over a year from September 2023
  • be willing learn and apply your learning in your own context.

Who is it for?

Every church, across the spectrum, wanting to develop the ministry of evangelism.

If you are interested, read the Leading Evangelism Learning Hub flyer (which has the full set of dates) and then the brochure. Contact Steve Coneys or Gareth Dickinson for further information.

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