Introducing our new ordinands 2020

Charmaine Muir

Charmaine will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to Canterbury, St Mary Bredin.

"God's call to work for his church began early on for me.  While working for a church in London, I began to discern a call to ordained ministry.  It's great to be joining the team at St Mary, Bredin."

Charlotte Coles

Charlotte will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to The Len Valley Benefice.

"I have been a Christian since my childhood, and during my teenage and university days my faith deepened.  After a Diocesan Week of Guided Prayer in 2009, whilst praying with clay, I subconsciously modelled a chalice. I knew that this was special and I realised that God was calling me to something at that point, but I wasn’t sure what that something was. I explored Reader Ministry and was licensed as a Reader in 2013. After I had finished training in 2015 and had lived in that role for about 18 months, I still felt thirsty for more of God and found ways in which I could serve him to quench that thirst. I trained as a funeral minister and a hospital chaplain among other roles, but I still felt God nudging me more and more and other people also wondered if I was being called to the priesthood. So, I finally plucked up the courage to see my DDO in 2017 and the process of discernment began. God finally got me to knock on the door and the answer came back ‘Yes’. I am still in awe that God has called me to this amazing ministry and I pray that he will continue to use me to mirror his love to others that they might know him too."

Alice Bates

Alice will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to St Peter-in-Thanet.

"I'm Alice Bates, and at just 66 am probably the oldest new Deacon in the diocese.  I came to be ordained because I eventually got fed up with being asked why I wasn't going forward, and realised that perhaps my refusal to do so was beginning to look suspiciously like disobedience!  I was licensed a Reader in Rochester Diocese in 2009, but it never felt 'right': now it is as if, for the first time, I'm wearing clothes that fit.  Perhaps I may be an example of its never being too late to say 'yes' to God, that you are never 'too old' (too old for what?), and that his grace is new every morning no matter what your age or condition!"

Ben Forbes

Ben will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  He will be licensed to Deal, St George.

"I grew up expecting to join the London Fire Brigade as soon as I turned 18 as this was a long running family tradition. I didn't expect to go to university, as far as I was concerned my future was settled and I would have a career much like that of the family members who had gone before me. But in those crucial few years of A-Levels I felt God call me to reassess my priorities in life and say that if I believed what I thought I believed about him then surely it should be reflected in every corner of my life, including what I worked for every day. Out of that I believed God was calling me to some form of Christian ministry so I moved to Canterbury to study theology at Canterbury Christ Church University with an entirely open mind and open heart to follow wherever God was leading me.  It was whilst studying at university that discovered the significance of my Anglican identity and where I was challenged by my friends, my church leaders, and my lecturers to explore whether I could identify the calling I felt with ordained ministry."

Paula Jardine-Rose

Paula will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to Tunstall with Bredgar.

"I am Paula, married with two children and a crazy cat who thinks he’s a dog!  I am an archaeologist and historian and I came to faith quite late in life after undertaking a solitary pilgrimage to Canterbury.  What started out as a walk turned into a spiritual journey, with God calling me as I neared Canterbury.  Since then the call to draw ever closer to God has been insistent, and only a year into my new faith, God called again and planted the seed of ordination in my heart.  This has been a journey of personal challenge and of unbelievable joy and as I draw near to being ordained, I thank God for being that stable presence alongside me as I have taken those tentative steps."

Angie Stupple

Angie will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to Dover Town.

"The Lord has been gracious, patient and persistent in his calling. I trust that he will bless me with the same grace, patience and persistence as I serve in my ministry."

Lucy Henderson

Lucy will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to Canterbury, All Saints.

"Living in rural Shropshire taught me about the value of community in our lives and the role of the church in the community.  Through a time of exploration and growth in my Christian journey, I began to question where God was calling me.  In the time of discernment that followed, I realised that God was calling me to ordained ministry.  

"I feel that community is at the heart of Jesus' commandment to love our neighbour and I am delighted to find myself at All Saints Canterbury.  

"This move has brought me back to Kent and closer to family having left here 30 years ago.  I feel especially aware at this time of the importance of caring for God's creation."

Cathrine Ngangira

Cathrine will be ordained as Deacon on 26 September.  She will be licensed to Bearsted, Holy Cross in the North Downs benefice.

"I am Cathrine Ngangira. I was born and raised in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. I look forward to God’s surprises as I serve within the diocese, especially as a Curate at Holy Cross Bearsted. 

"Strangers raised the ordination question at a meeting in Zambia. The answer was simple, ‘Sorry, you are asking the wrong person, we don’t do that (ordain women) in this part of the world.’ But God had other plans."

Bruce Watson

Bruce is being ordained as priest on 27 September.  He will be licensed to Ashford Town.

"I had been a school teacher for over twenty years when I felt God was calling me into ordained ministry. It was not a straightforward journey and was made more complicated by my school closing as I was in the discernment process. During this time my family and I leaned much about God’s faithfulness and provision. All God’s promises are, indeed, ‘yes’ and ‘Amen’. I have enjoyed my time as a deacon and am excited for what the next stage of my ministry will bring."