Reader Training

If you are recommended for training as a Reader in Canterbury Diocese, the Licensed Lay Ministry course consists of two elements:

Core modules

These sessions usually take place as evening classes or teaching days,  plus an annual Saturday school and include:

  • Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • Introduction to Church History 
  • Introduction to Spirituality and Discipleship
  • Introduction to Christian Worship
  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Using the Bible Today

Reader-specific training

This usually takes the form of a residential weekend and a termly study day and covers: 

  • Formation for Reader ministry
  • Foundations for Reflective Practice in context (within your own parish/benefice)
  • Foundations for Ministry and Worship in context (in another parish/benefice on placement)
  • Practical skills (eg for leading worship, preaching, pastoral and mission)

Students also participate in tutorial groups and train alongside candidates from Chichester and Southwark Dioceses. Further details are available on request from the Warden of Readers.

Further training & development

Following licensing new Readers are required to complete further formational learning under the direction of the Warden of Readers. The length of post licensing learning will vary according to the individual rather than being pre-determined, but is likely to include:

  • Action learning – being part of a supervised training group which assists in the process of transition to licensed lay ministry.
  • Further study and learning – this currently involves further biblical studies delivered by St Augustine’s, but will be supplemented by participating in a range of blended learning modules aimed at equipping the Reader for missional ministry and leadership in everyday life

Readers may also participate in other diocesan training and development opportunities and continued ministerial development (CMD). Training for specific areas of ministry is currently available for:

  • Funeral ministry
  • Anna Chaplaincy

Training for other areas of ministry is under development