Church and PCC Action

Moving towards Net Zero

Buildings, energy & water

  • Review the fuels you use, is it the most environmentally friendly that you can use?
  • Seek inspiration from Operation Noah on how you can make your church more eco-friendly
  • Consider registering as an Eco Church
  • Check out the Eco Church resources
  • Review your heating - do you have double glazing to make your heating efficient? Is your heating method efficient and environmentally friendly? Share your experience and knowledge with others
  • Review the type of lighting that you use, think of using LED lighting
  • Review the use of solar panels as a renewable source of energy - for inspiration and examples of good practice and successful installations on listed buildings see Churchcare.

Land & green space

Meetings, hospitality, food & waste

  • Ten Commandments of food
  • Be conscious of your waste – try not to over-cater for meetings
  • Compost your food waste
  • Be conscious of your carbon footprint – what transport routes are you using? Can you car share or take public transport for meetings, worship and events?
  • Be conscious of your recycling – do you need paper copies of notes for your meeting? If you do are you recycling these? Conduct a 'bin inventory' or follow The Rubbish Diet
  • Think about whether your materials are ethically sourced - perhaps you should look into only using Fair Trade products?

Local & global communities

  • Create an ‘Events Board’ to raise awareness in the local communities of current environmental issues
  • Invite someone to share their stories as part of your worship or church meetings. For example – create a special ‘Creation Sunday’ Service with a guest speaker

Worship, liturgy, theology & teaching

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