Individual Action

Building a better world is everyone's responsibility and everyone can make a difference by doing their part to care for creation Here are some ideas and resources to help you get started: 

Buildings, energy & water

  • Water Energy Calculator - find out how make your household more energy efficient
  • Consider switching your household to a green supplier. Ecotricity and Green Energy are just two examples of green suppliers that could be suited to you
  • Have a short shower instead of a bath and save water
  • Be more consciousof your water use when gardening and install water butts to collect rain water for watering plants
  • Be more conscious of your household heating habits. Do you need to increase the temperature or can you put on an extra layer? 
  • Find out about how you can save energy at home with the help of the Kent Warm Homes Scheme

Land & green space

  • Be aware of local footpaths – take a pair of secateurs with you to keep the path clear
  • Be eco-friendly when lighting up your garden, by using solar outdoor lighting
  • Grow your own food – install a herb patch of your own
  • Find out about guerilla gardening with Incredible Edible
  • Tend to the wildlife that's sitting on your doorstep - leave out bird feed, plant flowers for the bees and make a Bug Hotel.
  • Be aware of where and how you source your food - shop regionally and seasonally.

Meetings, hospitality, food and waste

  • Join Freecycle and think about rehousing your old goods
  • Ensure you are making the most of your rubbish – conduct a 'bin inventory' or follow The Rubbish Diet
  • Be conscious of what you eat - is your diet predominantly meat? Think about reducing your meat intake and introducing meat as a treat rather than a staple in your diet
  • Hold a street party and get to know your neighbours
  • Follow the LOAF principle with your food: Local, Organic, Animal-friendly, Fairtrade

Local & global communities

  • Find out about the global campaigns that Tearfund and Christian Aid run and get involved
  • Get involved with local sustainability groups such as Friends of the Earth and Transition Initiative
  • Find out more about the work of A ROCHA International around the world and support one of its projects
  • Be conscious of Global Goals and do what you can to make a difference
  • Support those in the Diocese of Madagascar

Worship, liturgy, theology & teaching

  • Get outside – engage with the environment and environmental projects
  • Encourage local churches and other Christians to do more
  • Using Ruth Valeria’s Environment Bible study guide (CWR), either on your own or in your church small group, learn more about what the Bible says about caring for the whole creation
  • Create opportunities to worship God outdoors for example you can go for prayer walks or sit with a local Forest Group
  • Find inspiration for ideas around environmentally-themed prayers, liturgies and sermons that you can pass on to your church minister here
  • Presentation by Dr. Ruth Valerio – Creation and Theology
  • All Creatures Great and Small –  A talk by Rt Rev Richard Llewelyn on the Churches’ relationship to animals