Caring for Creation

God’s gift of creation - our natural world - provides everything to sustain our lives. As humans, we're appointed by God as stewards of life on earth, and yet our actions have contributed to the widespread extinction of species. Now, human-induced climate change (the biggest environmental challenge we face) is damaging the most vulnerable people on earth and could ultimately jeopardise our very existence.

In late 2019, the Church of England Environment Group called for greater action on Climate Change across the Church.

Our Diocese believes that care for creation is fundamental to our mission. At our Diocesan Synod in November 2019 a new resolution was passed unanimously. It read:

This Synod recognises the Environment and Climate Emergency, and commits to the following:

  • Learning the facts about today’s environmental degradation and human-induced climate change
  • Speaking the truth about the emergency and the changes that are needed to safeguard the environment and mitigate climate impact
  • Taking the necessary action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030, and to model ways in which our faith and congregations can enable all of God’s creation to flourish
  • Fighting social injustices caused by the environmental crisis
  • Implementing the Diocesan Environment Policy 2019 and Action Plan
  • Including our care for the Environment within our diocesan strategy

Our Diocesan Environmental Policy details our commitment to caring for creation.

Eco Diocese & Eco Church

Canterbury Diocese is registered as an Eco Diocese and encourages churches to engage with the Eco Church programme. Registration as an Eco Church is free and taking the Eco Survey tells you how well you are doing and provides ideas for more that can be done.

In this section of our website you can find out what we, as a diocese, are doing to care for creation and to promote awareness of environmental issues, in particular human-induced climate change. You will also find resources, and signposting to further information, to help churches, schools and individuals take action to care for our natural world and to help churches in pursuit of their Eco Church status.


Diocesan Environmental Officer

Theresa Redfern is our Diocesan Environmental Officer. You can contact her via email via the Diocesan Offices on 01227 459401.