Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage

Listening on the way

Our Thy Kingdom Come Novena theme for 2020 was ‘Listening on the Way’ - and many of you joined with us  in making Thy Kingdom Come 2020 a time of listening to God in prayer. 

We creatively -imagined our Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage for the Coronavirus Lockdown; with people taking part from home, while staying connected in prayer. 

The Day - which was our Thy Kingdom Come Beacon event -  was the culmination of a 9-day spiritual journey together, which began on Friday 22 May 2020 when we joined our schools, teachers and children to pray a specially-written prayer together. Then, from Ascension to Pentecost, we prayed and listened to God together, using the Thy Kingdom Come Novena resources.

Below are the links for the videos used as part of hte Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage

  • Friday 29 May: 7pm-8pm (Items needed: phone charger, book, bedside lamp and toothbrush) 
  • Saturday 30 May: 9am–10am (Items needed: morning drink, soap, phone and socks)
  • Saturday 30 May: 12pm-1pm (Items needed: dinner plate, cushion, photo frame and plant) 
  • Saturday 30 May: 3pm-4pm (Items needed: TV, clock and cake)
  • Saturday 30 May: 3.45pm – a short act of worship led by Bishop Rose. 
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