Keep Praying

Keep Praying Easter – Blessed to be a blessing

‘From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.’ (John 1:16)

An image to reflect on

David and Mephibosheth

A prayer to pray

Jesus Christ, Bread of Life,

You were broken that we might be filled. In your tenderness, break open our lives, That we might overflow with gifts of grace for a

broken world. Amen.

Some questions to ponder

Our Keep Praying prayer seasons throughout 2022 have focused on the ‘multi-directional’ nature of generosity: receiving from God and giving to others; receiving from others and giving back to God. But do we ever think

about ourselves as gift, as a treasure God rejoices to share?

  • What do people most appreciate about you?
  • What do you most enjoy giving away?
  • How might God be giving us, the church, as a gift to our local communities?
    • How do we hinder that giving?
    • How might we cooperate wholeheartedly with it?

Primrose’s beautiful image invites us to reflect on the risen Lord Jesus breaking bread and giving it, that we might receive and be filled, and perhaps also that we might know that we are Christ’s precious gift and blessing to the world, even when we are broken.

We have great delight in bringing you a few gifts for your Lenten journey, either to use in personal prayer or to share with your church. As we journey together towards Easter, we continue to reflect on the theme of generosity, and Primrose and Lyndall have employed their creative talents to put together a series of reflections in word and picture, focusing on a different Bible story each week. 

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Image: Primrose Northrop, 2022