LGBT+ Chaplains

Role: LGBT+ Chaplain

Salary: This is a volunteer role for which expenses will be paid.

Hours: These will be variable according to circumstances but will be specified in individual role descriptions.

Closing date: Friday 9 July 2021

The Bishop of Dover, with the LGBT+ Oversight Group, is looking to appoint chaplains to work as part of the LGBT+ Chaplaincy Team in Canterbury Diocese. LGBT+ Chaplains work alongside and support LGBT+ people, their families, friends, ministers, and anyone with an interest in LGBT+ matters.

The role of the chaplain is to:

  • create a safe and encouraging listening space to ensure that people can be offered appropriate pastoral and spiritual care.
  • provide support, either directly themselves or through referral. 
  • build up knowledge and expertise, which will enable them to offer insights and support to local clergy, lay leaders and congregations about how best to encourage and support LGBT+ people, their families, and friends.
  • learn, from insights and experiences in our parishes to resource the wider church in its pastoral care of LGBT+ people and being Church together.
  • participate in the wider Chaplaincy team, and feed insights and observations into the LGBT+ Oversight Group. 

Candidates can be lay or ordained but must hold a bishop’s licence or PTO. We are hoping to build up a group of chaplains across our diocese that can represent the diversity of the LGBT+ community and the different theological convictions that people hold around sexuality and gender identity.

Chaplains will work within House of Bishops guidelines, embracing a non-judgemental attitude toward persons in regard of their sexuality, welcoming and valuing every person as equal in the eyes of God.

Chaplains will listen unconditionally to the lived experience of any person who seeks their support.

Every person has ethical decisions to make about how to live out their God-given sexuality. These questions are common to each one of us, whatever our sexuality or gender identity; chaplains are called to walk alongside people in this discernment.

For any further information please contact the LGBT+ Adviser, Samuel Keeler-Walker on