Monuments and Statues

July 2020

Covid 19 and racism are both a kind of pandemic. They are both invisible, yet highly dangerous, with the power to wreak havoc physically, psychologically and economically – often targeting those who are most vulnerable. The murder of George Floyd in the USA has travelled around the world on our screens, evoking something deep within us which cannot be ignored or wished away. As we have cause to re-examine our heritage and our present realities, everything is up for discussion - and the statues and memorials that can be found in our sacred buildings provide us with an opportunity to engage in this debate. We hope that churches will use this as an opportunity to start a discussion, to question what we have learnt – and consider what we have yet to learn - about our past and to commit to working out how we go forward in honesty to build a better church for a better world.

If you're ready to act on this opportunity, you can find guidance from the DAC to assist you in this here:

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