Social action during the Coronavirus outbreak

‘God is in all things, so that there is no particle in creation and no experience of yours in which he is not with you.’ Gerard Hughes


The situation is fast changing so that strategic decisions made one day are overtaken by events the next day. The Communities and Partnerships officers are reduced due to isolation, so we are operating on a minimal staff. Obviously our social justice projects normally involve close personal contact. This ‘normal’ is no longer possible.

Keep well – The priority for staff, physically and mentally

Keep Praying – through online resources from cathedral and diocese, Skype, Zoom and Teams network, and the Prayer Network (see below)

Keep Connected – through online resources, phone and neighbourhood connections, but also able to keep food supplies open to the poor (see below)

The Director of Communities and Partnerships, Jonathan Arnold

Current focus

The hungry and the homeless

  • Partnerships with Food banks, Borough Councils and District Councils re homeless and accommodation.

  • Meetings to discuss joined-up strategies

  • Arranging volunteer drivers to deliver food to the hungry

  • Finding fridges to store food collected by the Salvation Army from closed restaurants and hotels

Some of the ways in which projects are affected:

  • Ignite services are closed – but concentrating on supplying food and support to those in need

  • St George’s Ramsgate Project similarly closed but providing food and pastoral support

  • Connecting Canterbury going well with Canterbury Food bank and raising funds and awareness

  • Rural officer Revd Chris cannot attend market or farms but still working by phone and skype and the Farming Community Network helpline

  • DAC carrying on but meetings cancelled and only emergency work being seen to



   Our work is centred on community engagement and social justice. Our portfolio evolves in response to migration and refugees, social issues of debt, hunger, homelessness,       modern slavery and exploitation, the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, as well as environmental and rural justice. We re-imagine church and ministry with our pioneering Ignite  projects, attended by many struggling with poverty and addiction. We build partnerships with many non-church organisations across the UK, Europe and as far as Madagascar in  order to enrich our communities, share the Gospel and build the kingdom of God.


Community Engagement Social Action:  Responding to Social Distancing

Some ideas on guidance for parishes/public

Meditations during these uncertain times

Mental health and well-being

People who may be vulnerable

Child sexual abuse and exploitation awareness during COVID-19 - poster from the National Police Chiefs Council and The Children’s Society 

Wash your hands of coronavirus scams!

‘Your NHS Needs You’ – NHS call for volunteer army



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