Keep safe and keep praying - subtitled
Our churches are open and will remain open for prayer. Go to for more information

Exploring Legacies
Every church relies on the support of generous Christians, and this support helps sustain the mission and ministry in our parishes. Here we explore legacies with Sarah Bristow from Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone.

What does Ignite mean to you?
God loves to bring people into community, into a knowledge of being loved and valued, through genuine friendships and relationships. This is Ignite??s core DNA. It's church, but not as you know it...

A Call to Prayer from Bishop Rose
Our Diocesan Day of Prayer and Pilgrimage will take place on 30 May, 2020. Save the date!

Why should people get involved in Community Sponsorship?
Why should people get involved in #CommunitySponsorship? Why not?! Here are Domenica and Svenja from Canterbury Welcomes Refugees talking about what our community can offer to those who have lost everything. Get involved:

Kent is Delicious - what the teachers say
Find out what teachers say about our children's cookery competition

Kent Climate Emergency Forum 2019
Canterbury Diocese focuses on climate emergency - a forum held at Wye Church on Tuesday 5 November 2019 to discuss how we do things and how we can be the very best caretakers of God??s creation.

The Church and the Environment
Environment Officer Teresa Redfern speaking at Canterbury Diocesan Synod in March 2019.

Building a safer Church for everyone
Church should be a place where everyone can feel safe - and it's everyone's responsibility to help build a safer Church for all.