Readers licensed at Canterbury Cathedral

First published on: 25th September 2023

The annual Reader admissions service took place on Sunday 24 September at Canterbury Cathedral.

During the service, there was the admission and licensing of Derek Kirkaldie [back left], Graham Dorkins [front left] and Simon Pooley [front right] as well as the welcoming to the Diocese and the licensing of Clare Masters [back right].

Warden of Readers Nigel Collins said: "It was a great privilege and joy to have presented Graham, Derek and Simon to be admitted and licensed with Clare as Readers in our diocese.

"In her sermon, Bishop Rose challenged us in our calling as preachers and teachers of the faith who are to inspire others in their discipleship.

"Bishop Rose also challenged everyone to consider where they were noticing God at work in their own lives and the wider world and to go tell someone else about it."

Readers are lay ministers of the Word with a passion for sharing the Gospel. Like their clergy colleagues, they have completed a process of discernment and theological studies as part of their ministerial formation.

They are licensed by the Bishop to exercise a varied ministry which will include:

  • Teaching the faith
  • Enabling mission in everyday life
  • Leadership in church and the wider community.

If you are considering your calling to lay readership, contact Warden of Readers Nigel Collins by email.

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