Clergy Housing

General Information on Clergy Housing

House File

Please maintain a file of all information relating to the property such as instruction booklets and energy suppliers etc. also any other information that may assist your successors.

TV & Broadband

The Diocese is not responsible for the provision of television aerials or satellite dishes, nor for the maintenance of any existing installations.

The Diocese is responsible for the provision of a telephone service to the property - but not for cabling within, nor for any broadband provision. Should you have any queries relating to the telephones service then please contact the helpdesk in the first instance.

Energy Suppliers

You are free to change to any supplier but please do not enter into any agreement that may be binding to your successors at the property. Details of your suppliers should be kept within a “House File” at the property please.


The Diocese maintains comprehensive building insurance cover for all of its properties – this does not extend to fixtures such as greenhouses and TV/satellite equipment. Any building insurance related matters should be reported to the helpdesk in the first instance.

Occupants are responsible for maintaining their own cover for contents - this should include third party cover for you and your family as occupants of the property.

Quinquennial Inspections

Find out about Quinquennial inspections on clergy housing.

Repairs and Maintenance

Access advice and support for maintaining and repairing clergy homes.


Vacancies and New Occupations

Handing on your property to those who follow.

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