The Canterbury Diet

The Canterbury Diet is designed to help an individual to attend to their formation as a Christian minister and to their ministerial competence. The word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek diaita, which means ‘way of life,’ and seeks to promote reflection on practice and self-reflection as critical components for ministry effectiveness and wellbeing.

The Canterbury Diet makes special note of the three Golden Threads*, fashioned as questions so the minister continually attends to their ministry practice conscious of the development of prayer and spiritual practices, their learning and reflection in the practice, and the vitality of good relationships and collaborative ministry.

Key pillars of The Canterbury Diet are:

  • Spiritual accompaniment/direction – how one attends to God
  • Pastoral supervision – how one attends to the work.

Ministry specific forms of the Canterbury Diet are available for Incumbents / Priests in Charge, Licensed Lay Ministers, Recognised Lay Minister and Anna Chaplains

*How are prayer and spiritual practices being developed?

How am I learning and reflecting on ministry practice?

How are we attending to good relationships and collaborative ministry?

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