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These resources are available for you to download.

You will see that the ‘running orders’ have different colours on them, This is to make it easy to see their content at a glance. If you feel that you need a session which is very interactive look for lots of red!

These have been broken down into rough topics. Clearly there is some ambiguity regarding which headings to put the sessions under - you will agree with me on this when you see Valentines’ Day under Festivals!

Running order key

Black = people listening

Red = interactive content

Blue = multimedia


Explaining Lent

A single session that explains Lent and introduces the idea of making an Ignite paper chain of prayers during Lent that can be brought up to the front by Ignite on Easter Sunday morning.

Christmas series

Two teaching series, each consisting of three sessions that could be used in the three weeks prior to Christmas. Start these four weeks before you break for Christmas and then you can end the year with a Christmas party!

Book of James

A series of three sessions looking at how faith produces perseverance, wisdom (making wise decisions) and considering how we can ask God for help.

Dummies Guide For Surviving Life!

This series of six sessions looks at self-image, patience, choices, priorities, mood management and ‘pearls of wisdom’. It was written to help people look at who they are and how they operate in God.


Three different Easter series, the first one looking at what happened to Jesus at Easter, covering his betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection. The second Easter sessions look at the events of Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and the crucifixion. The third focusses on the experiences of other people, looking at Pontious Pilate, the centurion and Mary Magdalene. It is always difficult to know when to run the ‘Jesus is risen’ session in Ignite, we tend to do it before we break for Easter then on the first week back do a session that includes an Easter re-cap and a celebration party.

Famous people

Three sessions looking at how three people’s lives were impacted by their faith: Bear Grylls, Desmond Doss and Eric Liddell.

Follow Me

Follow me

Gospel of John

A series of eight sessions based on John’s Gospel.

Ice Breaker PowerPoints

Having discussion points on the screen as people arrive can help people who find small talk difficult.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life

Three sessions unpacking John 14 v.6.

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