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Safeguarding: Our Ethos

Church should be a place where everyone can feel safe. We will never be perfect, but we can work together to make our churches safer. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility - and it needs to be at the heart of everything we do - so we all need to be on the look-out for signs of harm and abuse.

We need to be vigilant so that if something doesn’t seem right, then we’ll spot it. We can’t assume ‘that kind of thing’ won’t happen here – it can and it does. But we can work together to make our churches safer and to minimise the risks of harm and abuse.

To do that we need to listen to that gut feeling that tells you when something isn’t right. And, in safeguarding, if it doesn’t feel right then chances are it’s not. If there’s a situation that doesn’t feel right then our Diocesan Safeguarding Advisors are here to help. If you’re concerned about someone or something, just call them (details below) and they’ll offer support and advice. Don’t worry that you might be wasting their time – they’re here to help and a two minute phone call may be all it takes to get you the support and reassurance you need. In making that call, you could be providing the missing piece of a jigsaw that helps to keep someone else safe.

Safeguarding is about caring for one another and looking out for one another – and each of us has a crucial role to play in that. Our churches can be safer if we all work together.

Past Cases Review 2

Past Cases Review 2 is a Church of England commissioned independent review of safeguarding cases and practice over the last ten years. The national Church of England Past Cases 2 Report was published on 5 October 2022 -  both the national report and an Executive Summary of the Canterbury Diocesan and Cathedral Report are available here

Our Safeguarding Team

Diocesan Safeguarding Officers (Job Share)

Our Safeguarding Officers are qualified and experienced social care practitioners who can provide advice and guidance to parishes and others in the diocese on child and adult protection. They can offer advice, discuss any protection matters and clarify anything in the Diocesan Guidelines. They are always ready to work with you to plan a detailed response to any  protection issue, taking into account all aspects of your particular situation. Please do not hesitate to contact them; they are always very ready to help.

They assist the diocese and the cathedral on all safeguarding matters ensuring that all advice is in line with the law, government guidance and national policy and guidance from the House of Bishops. To work collaboratively with the National Safeguarding Team, other dioceses and key role holders within the diocese.

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Diocesan Safeguarding Officers (Job Share)

Paul Brightwell

  • Canterbury
  • Maidstone
  • North Downs
  • Ospringe
  • Reculver
  • Sittingbourne
  • Weald

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Paul Brightwell

Fiona Coombs

  • Ashford
  • Dover
  • East Bridge
  • Elham
  • Romney
  • Sandwich
  • Stour Valley (previously West Bridge)
  • Thanet
  • Vineyard

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Fiona Coombs

Safeguarding Trainer

Katy Harper
01227 473565

Safeguarding Administrator Karen Carolan-Evans

Safeguarding Administrator

Michelle Grice
01227 459401

Provides confidential support to the parishes and safeguarding team for all aspects of Safeguarding administration including support with DBS checks and results. 

Safeguarding Administrator Karen Carolan-Evans

Diocesan and Cathedral Safeguarding Advisory Panel: Interim Chair

Dr Liza Thompson
01227 459401

Kent County Council services

  • Main contact: 03000 41 41 41
  • Adult social services & health: 03000 41 61 61
  • Children & Families Information Service: 03000 41 23 23
  • Children’s social services: 03000 41 11 11
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