3 Bold Outcomes

In our diocese we have spent much time reflecting on who we are as a people of God and where he is calling us to be in the future. After listening to our parishes and deaneries and discernment in our synod, we have summed this up into three bold outcomes for 2030.


1. Double the number of children and young people

How will you increase the number of children and young people in your parish? This is a question for us all, not something that we can delegate to youth workers, schools or parents of young people. We are all responsible for growing the kingdom of God in the next generation. What does this look like in your community?

Our bold outcome matches the Church of England's aim to double the number of young believers nationally. Some stories, inspiration and resources on how to achieve this are available on the national website.

2. 200 new Christian communities

There are 206 parishes in our diocese, so 200 new communities is less than one each! What sort of new worshipping community will you create and how will you do this? It could be a community that meets in a home, a café, school or pub. And we don’t have to meet on Sunday! Where do we need to be to meet the needs of our communities who are so often hungry for something spiritual and yet do not connect with traditional church.

3. Every parish, benefice and deanery showing signs of revitalisation.

This bold outcome underpins the others. What does new life look like? How will we notice the signs of the Holy Spirit moving, and most importantly, how will we respond?

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