Children and Young People

A Shared Journey

Throughout  the  Bible  there  is  an  undeniable  sense  of  connection  and  interaction  between  generations  as  faith  communities  are  gathered  together;  communities  creating  space  and opportunity for the whole people of God to worship together and learn from each other, reaping the blessings of discovering the richness of faith as it is passed from generation to generation. 

So how might we continue to see children, young people and households coming to faith, growing in discipleship and contributing confidently to the Kingdom of God?   

By declaring a bold vision: 

To  ensure that every child and young person in our diocese is at the heart of mission, having the opportunity of a life enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ; that they reach their God given potential and are an integral part of church life.

Underpinned by a challenging question: 

What if we experienced a culture change within our diocese a renewal of hearts and minds - such that it became second nature to see every decision through the lens of what it means for children and young people? 

The principles at the heart of all we do

We believe that such a culture shift is possible where:

  • Children and young people are at the heart of all dialogue that promotes discipleship, evangelism, mission and leadership
  • Value is placed on the goodness and diversity of all individuals and their God-given gifting
  • We prioritise lifelong formation that leads to individual transformation 
  • Parishes create expressions of church where childen and young people are equal partners with adults in the life of the church; their witness and voice are heard and they are actively involved, growing spiritually and knowing belonging and significance
  • Congregations (including lay and ordained leaders, grandparents, godparents, and others) nurture and support the faith of children and young people
  • Households (especially parents and carers) see the imperative of the story of our faith, and become articulate and confident in sharing and nurturing faith
  • We support flourishing Church of England schools, which are authentically Christian and encourage spiritual development, growth in dicsipleship, and provide a rich experience and understanding of Christianity 

Find out more about our vision and principles for ministry with children and young people here

All of our work is undergirded by our committment to become a safer diocese for all - check out our Safeguarding webpages to find out more

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