A stack of publicationsEmbracing Change

This report sets out the context and challenges for small and rural schools. It discusses two main questions: what do we need to have in order to deliver an excellent 21st Century education and equip children to flourish? And how does the current distribution of Church of England schools serve God's mission? (2018)

Church of England Vision for Education: Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good

This is a fresh articulation of the Church of England’s vision for education; a vision that is deeply Christian, with the promise by Jesus of ‘life in all its fullness’ at its heart. This is worked out theologically and educationally through four basic elements: wisdom, hope, community, and dignity (2016). 

Unlocking Gifts

The Unlocking Gifts Project, funded by the Jerusalem Trust, offered schools the opportunity to generate ideas on how to focus resources on relatively simple programmes to make a difference to the most disadvantaged groups.  This report shows how nine different projects were able to help pupils to achieve, be the best they can be, flourish and have ‘life in all its fullness' (2016). 

Fruit of the Spirit – A Church of England Discussion Paper on Character Education

This is a discussion paper in partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The paper includes helpful case studies highlighting different approaches to character education in Church of England schools, as well as questions to support reflection on individual schools’ approach to character education (2015).

Making a Difference?

A Review of Religious Education in Church of England Schools (2014).

Called, Connected, Committed

Resources and updates from the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership (2019). 

Working Together

Report on the future of Rural Church of England Schools (2014). 

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