Deaneries and Parishes

Woman on road looking at mapCanterbury Diocese comprises 200 parishes organised in 99 legal benefices.

There are 16 deaneries or areas within the diocese. Many deaneries mirror local district boundaries. Each deanery has its own Deanery Synod with membership of all clergy licensed to parishes in the deanery, plus elected lay members from each parish.

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Deaneries and the roles of deanery officers

These are described in Deaneries in Canterbury Diocese – Sharing in leadership, mission and ministry: the Canterbury spirit.

The deanery is overseen by at least one Area Dean (ordained) and one Lay Chair, who hold the post for a fixed term. Deaneries are part of one of the three archdeaconries in our diocese.

Our Deaneries


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Jeremy Worthen and Sandra Marsh
Lay Chair: vacant
Assistant Lay Chair: Robert Sharp
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Shirley Leslie


Archdeaconry: Canterbury
Area Dean: Jo Richards
Assistant Area Dean: Brian McHenry
Lay Chair: Roger Vickerman
Secretary: Harry Macdonald
Treasurer: John Morrison


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Andy Bawtree
Lay Chair: Nigel Collins
Secretary: Jeremy Wilkes
Treasurer: Marianne Slater

East Bridge

Archdeaconry: Canterbury
Area Dean: Estella Last
Lay Chair: vacant
Secretary: John Andrews
Treasurer: Mike Gallagher


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Bob Weldon and Barry Knott
Lay Chair: Alan French
Lay Chair (assistant): John Campbell
Secretary: Bill Mills
Treasurer: Laurie Maxfield


Archdeaconry: Maidstone
Area Dean: Gareth Dickinson
Lay Chair: Fiona Higgs
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Susan Ghinn

North Downs

Archdeaconry: Maidstone
Area Dean: Peter Callway
Lay Chair: Rhian Banham
Secretary: Mary Tasker
Treasurer: Peter Roberts


Archdeaconry: Maidstone
Area Dean: Andrew Sweeney
Lay Chair: Miranda Ford
Secretary: Peter Willcock
Treasurer: Hilary Tulett


Archdeaconry: Canterbury
Area Dean: Simon Tillotson
Lay Chair: Malcolm Waller
Secretary: Sue Martin
Treasurer: David Kemp


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Chris Hodgkins
Lay Chair: Penny Lowe
Assistant Lay Chair: Ian Bentley
Secretary: Meriel Bailes
Treasurer: Tony Richter


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Chris Spencer
Lay Chair: Ian Stephen
Assistant Lay Chair: Trevor Longman
Secretary: Christine Taylor
Treasurer: Trevor Longman


Archdeaconry: Maidstone
Area Dean: Julian Staniforth
Lay Chair: Elaine Appleton
Secretary: Andrea Staniforth
Treasurer: David Gilbert

Stour Valley (previously West Bridge)

Archdeaconry: Canterbury
Area Dean: Ravi Holy
Lay Chair: Caroline Knight
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Nigel Poole


Archdeaconry: Canterbury
Area Deans: Philip Musindi
Lay Chair: Judith Andrews
Secretary: Audrey Morris
Treasurer: Len Reed


Archdeaconry: Ashford
Area Dean: Sue Rose
Lay Chair: Tessa Badcock
Assistant Lay Chair: Penny Lowe
Secretary: Meriel Bailes
Treasurer: Tony Richter


Archdeaconry: Maidstone
Area Dean: David Commander
Lay Chair: Graham Codling
Secretary: Julia Collard
Treasurer: Nana Twum Ampofo


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