The Everyday God

First published on: 24th May 2024

The Everyday God is a new book with 'Compelling stories of loving our neighbour today'. Written by Jonathan Arnold, the book explores encountering the divine in the works of mercy and includes a foreword by Bishop Rose. 

Revd Dr Jonathan Arnold is Executive Director of the Social Justice Network in the Diocese of Canterbury, leading a team of project managers in a variety of innovative and creative social justice projects. He also helps parishes and communities in their outreach and mission, advising and resourcing the best ways of engaging with those most in need.

A ‘soundbite’ at the end of this book sums up its message: ‘Global issues such as war, famine and injustice cross oceans and arrive at our doorstep. It’s our choice to respond or not as citizens. However, it is our responsibility as Christians to act as Jesus would.’ Combining profound but accessible theological reflection, moving contemporary stories of deprivation and need, and compelling musical metaphors, Jonathan Arnold – musician, priest and social activist – explores the enduring and non-negotiable challenge of the works of mercy outlined in Matthew 25:34–40: Jesus’ call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked (shelter the homeless), give drink to the thirsty, heal the sick, visit the imprisoned, welcome the stranger and bury the dead. He writes: ‘With belief comes a response to a call. The call comes from love and is a call to love. This book is an exploration of how we can hear, and tune into, the sweet music of that call, and how we might join in with Christ’s music of mercy, justice and love.’

Praise for The Everyday God
‘It is deeply based in the Bible, centred on people made in the image of God and founded on the love and authority of Jesus Christ. It is accessible to read and challenging to think about, vivid about people and rubs at our rough edges of selfishness, visionary in application and practical in use. It is a great gift to the church that brings together talking and showing the gospel.’ – Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

‘The Everyday God is a must read… an inspiring and useful book for individuals of all ages, for small groups, or whole congregations, in which you cannot help but be moved in heart, mind and to action as Dr Arnold encourages us that “at our best, as human beings, we begin to join the symphony and the dance of the divine Trinity of God.”’ – Very Revd Jo Kelly-Moore, Dean of St Albans

The Everyday God is published by BRF and can be purchased online.

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