The Room Where It Happens

First published on: 31st January 2022

Since it burst onto the stage in 2015, the popularity of the hit musical Hamilton has taken the world of theatre goers by storm and had a huge impact, from Broadway and London’s West End to an exclusive performance at the White House for President Obama and his family. The musical – set in the hip-hop tradition - tells the story of a young immigrant who migrated to the USA and how he overcomes his tragic beginnings and becomes engaged in the political life of his new country.

The Room Where It Happens is an exciting new Lent course for 2022, written by Bishop Rose and based on this award-winning musical. It is suitable for people to follow either as a group meeting in person or remotely (ideally linked by a screen to watch the film excerpts and to take part in discussion of the issues raised) or as individuals. The five sessions invite us to explore what the Bible and the experience of Christian faith teach us about some key issues that Alexander Hamilton faced – and that we face today. Hamilton’s responses to injustice, adversity and temptation, his search for identity, and his realisation that he (and all of us) can make a difference in the world have much to teach us.

Each session contains an opening prayer, an introduction, film excerpts to watch/listen to and discuss, Bible passages to read and explore, ‘share and discuss’ and ‘think and discuss’ sections, reflections, suggested action, and a closing prayer.

The five sessions cover the following themes:

  • Identity and Belonging
  • Ambition and Temptation
  • Forgiveness and Redemption
  • Love and Sacrifice
  • Hope and Courage through Adversity.

As well as offering her reflections on the various film excerpts, the Bible passages and the themes they explore, Bishop Rose also draws on her own experiences from a childhood growing up in Jamaica without a mother from the age of 2, and from her years of ministry. ‘It is my hope’, writes Bishop Rose, ‘that we will find ourselves at the end of the course more literate and fluent when it comes to expressing our faith, and comfortable and willing, not only to recognise, but to speak about the difference faith is making in our daily living.’

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