Three Bold Outcomes agreed for 2030

First published on: 7th July 2023

On Tuesday 4 July, Diocesan Synod adopted a ‘third bold outcome’ as part of its mission strategy for 2030. The outcome is; ‘Every parish, benefice and deanery showing signs of revitalisation’.

The outcomes express our aspirations for what a flourishing future in 2030 might look like. They will help us to focus on some priority areas to work on.

The other bold outcomes are:

  • Doubling the number of children and young disciples
  • 200 new Christian communities

To demonstrate the third bold outcome, we’ll be looking for signs that God is bringing new life and faith across our diocese. Numerical growth is one key sign, but it’s not the only one. Simple surveys covering everyday faith, engagement with local communities, growing leadership, environmental action etc - always leaving space for God to do things we hadn’t thought of - will give a qualitative sense of how life-giving our worshipping communities are. And of course, with death and resurrection at the heart of the Christian story, there may be places where the end of one thing gives space for something new. The key message here is that this outcome is for all of us. New life, in some shape or form, is to be expected, prayed for and worked for everywhere.

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