Prayer tools and traditions

What helps people to pray? What might help you to be more confident in how you pray? This section of our site offers information and resources to help you explore and deepen your prayer life. 

To find out about how you can arrange for evenings exploring prayer to happen at your school or church click here .

Prayer Traditions

When we pray we become part of a community that stretches across time and space. Our prayers join with the prayers of people from all nationalities and walks of life, past and present, who are praying in countless different circumstances – within monastic communities, in churches, at work, on the way to work, doing the washing-up, cooking the evening meal. In this way we are involved in God’s creative and compassionate work in the world. There are many different prayer traditions, some stretching back many centuries to the beginnings of Christianity

These websites provide resources and information about some of these prayer traditions:

These traditions of prayer come from different traditions of spirituality. Find out more here.

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