Deepening Discipleship

Deepening Discipleship is a fantastic way to explore how to follow Jesus together with other disciples. During the 8-session course participants have an opportunity to:

  • Explore their journey of discipleship and their own unique gifts and calling
  • Identify and apply key gospel discipleship practices as a basis of service
  • Reflect on the growth and development of Christian communities

For more information download the Deepening Discipleship Leaflet and read the FAQs below.  For more information on the role of the course accompanier click here

Interested in having a course run in your area?

Since 2008 over 500 people have taken part in Deepening Discipleship courses around our diocese. If you know of a number of people in your area that would like to sign up to Deepening Discipleship and you think your parish or deanery might be interested in hosting a course, please get in touch with Sarah Lucas (01227 459401) to find out more.


How long is the course? 

The course consists of eight. Usually with a break at the halfway point

Will there be lots of homework?

There will be a small amount of preparation work between sessions (such as completion of questionnaires and thinking through the application of what you are learning).

What support will I get?

You can expect your facilitators to create an environment fit for fruitful learning experience - and that they will be open and approachable. You can also expect that our administrative team will endeavour to answer any questions you may have promptly.

We would like you to have a Course Accompanier to reflect on the course and its application to your discipleship journey. This would mean meeting at least three times.  For more informatoin on the role of course accompanier click here

Will I be expected to continue with futher study or take on a ministry role when I complete the course? 

Deepening Discipleship is a stand-alone course - there are no assumptions made about continuing study or offering for particular ministries within your parish - but if that's something you want to explore, there will be opportunities. An optional 'next steps' conversation will be offered at the end of the course.

Can my church or deanery request a DD course?

Yes. If a church, group of churches or deanery have 10 to 15 people who’d like to attend a Deepening Discipleship course, they can request for one to be run in their area. Ideally, you'll be able to provide a suitable venue. Please contact Sarah Lucas (01227 459401) to explore this further. 


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