Ways to give

To help encourage people to give we need to provide the right mechanisms. The more options we can offer and the easier it is for people to give, the more success there will be.

When considering how to improve your giving mechanisms look closely at what your church is currently doing and think about the following:

  • How do you invite visitors to give financially to your church?
  • Imagine you are new to your church, how easy is it to start giving regularly?
  • Who do people need to speak to?
  • Is it clear on your church website or AChurchNearYou page?
  • Consider how you normally give to charity outside of church. Is it different and if so, are there ideas that you could think about introducing to your church?
  • Does your church use technology like contactless devices or an online giving platform?

 Follow the links below for more information about different giving mechanisms

Contactless Giving

Regular Giving (PGS)

Online Giving

Legacy Giving


Contactless Giving

Contactless giving enables people to give to your church quickly and easily by debit or credit card. 

People carry far less cash than they used to and more and more payments are now made by contactless or card payment. It is important that our churches enable people to give by contactless giving too. 

Contactless giving is not a substitute for regular planned giving (such as via the Parish Giving Scheme), but it offers visitors to your church an opportunity to give and offers your church the ability to accept fees for baptisms, weddings and other occasional offices by card. 

You can find details of contactless machines best suited to churches here on the Parish Buying website.


Online Giving

Online giving enables people to give to your church without having to visit your church building through your church website or social media page, making it easy for people to give.