Churchwardens are the Bishop’s lay officers responsible directly to her for the life and work of the church in the parish. Responsibilities laid upon them from time to time by the Bishop, or by the Archdeacon and the Area Dean, include ensuring the maintenance of the building, arranging for services to be taken in an interregnum and acting as ex-officio members of the PCC.

The appointment of Churchwardens is governed by the Churchwardens Measure 2001.

Please browse the links on the right hand side of this page to find documents designed to help and support churchwardens. There is a new Churchwarden Handbook coming soon to replace these documents - watch this space. 

Training for New Churchwardens

Upcoming training sessions for new churchwardens will include opportunities to network and socialise with one another on the following dates:

All churchwardens are warmly invited to attend the date that suits them best and are not restricted to the archdeaconry in which they serve.

The Archdeacons' Visitations in 2022

The services for the Archdeacons’ Visitations in June 2022 have now been agreed and we are looking forward to seeing you there.  Details are as below.

Churchwardens, sides-people and others from the three archdeaconries are invited to attend these services for prayer, worship and the formal admission of Churchwardens. Anyone who cannot attend their specific archdeaconry date is welcome to attend the alternative dates. Do make the dates widely known.

In order to be admitted to office for the coming year, churchwardens will need to attend one of these service.  If for good reason you are unable to attend the Visitation Service for your Archdeaconry please contact your Archdeacon’s office so that arrangements can be made for you to attend an alternative service.

All elected Churchwardens should print and complete this form on both sides and bring it to the service at which they are to be admitted, to give to the Archdeacon.

All services will be held at 7.30pm.

Ashford Archdeaconry
Including the Deaneries of Ashford, Elham, Dover, Sandwich and Romney & Tenterden, with Archdeacon Darren:

Tuesday 14 June  – Canterbury Cathedral. To book your tickets please use this link.


Maidstone Archdeaconry,
Including the Deaneries of Maidstone, North Down, Ospringe, Sittingbourne, and Weald, with Archdeacon Andrew:
Thursday 16 June – St Mary of Charity, Faversham. To book your tickets please use this link.


Canterbury Archdeaconry,
Including the Deaneries of Canterbury, East Bridge, Reculver, Thanet and West Bridge, with Archdeacons Darren and Andrew:
Wednesday 22 June – Canterbury Cathedral. To book your tickets please use this link.


Ashford and Maidstone Archdeaconries,
Including the Deaneries of Ashford, Elham, Dover, Sandwich and Tenterden & Romney, North Down, Ospringe, Sittingbourne, and Weald, with Archdeacon Andrew and Archdeacon Darren:
Tuesday 28 June – All Saints, Biddenden. To book your tickets please use this link.


A further email will be sent out in due course with an order form attached for the Churchwarden's Yearbook 2023 and the next edition of Visitation News.

Key documents

Maintenance Booker

Maintenance Booker is a website that gives churches a straightforward way of arranging for companies with the right experience and qualifications to carry out many routine repairs and inspections and help keep the building in good order before small issues become larger problems. Using this website, churches can book gutter clearance and repairs, lightning protection inspection, tree surveys and maintenance as well as asbestos surveys and removal. More services will be added as time goes on, such as stonework and lime mortaring, bat surveys, and grounds and graveyard maintenance.

Resources from past training sessions

2019: Changed Lives – Serving Together in our local communities

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