William & Lucy Lead Collective Worship

Meet Lucy and William, who are worship leaders in their primary school. Join them as they explain the structure and pattern of an act of collective worship in their school. Through story, images and reflective questions, this book seeks to support teachers and children in planning and leading acts of worship in Church of England Primary Schools.

This resource book has been written by Rebecca Swansbury, who is the Schools Officer for the Diocese of Canterbury. The book was written to support the ‘Enabling and supporting pupil leaders in collective worship’ resource pack.

To purchase a copy of the book and the downloadable resources visit the Church Print Hub. The resources focus on enabling and supporting pupil leaders in collective worship. They are designed to support schools in training and preparing young people in leading and planning acts of collective worship. Child led worship means they are involved in the whole process; planning, creating and leading the act of worship. Through the sessions and activities we hope that children will develop a fresh understanding of what worship is, the value of it in school and how they can genuinely contribute to the acts of worship in school.

Included in the resource pack are:

  • 6 session outlines:
    • What is worship?
    • Different roles in leading worship
    • What happens in collective worship?
    • Does everyone like to worship in the same way?
    • Planning collective worship
    • Strategies to lead collective worship
  • Images of William and Lucy to use in your worship leader sessions with children
  • ‘What is happening in Collective Worship?’ observation sheet
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