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Anna Chaplaincy is a ministry offering person-centred spiritual care for older people.  Anna Chaplains can be lay or ordained, male or female, and in paid or voluntary roles.  Some have been in lay ministry roles for a while (as authorised lay ministers or Readers), others are ordained,  but for some Anna Chaplaincy is their first ministry role.

Anna Chaplaincy in the Dioceses of Canterbury was introduced in 2019 and is affiliated to The Bible Reading Fellowship; there are now Anna Chaplains in each of our archdeaconries.


October-November Course Dates

 Session 1  Introducting Anna Chaplaincy 10 October 2024  10am-12pm
 Session 2  Living the Second Half of Life 17 October 2024  10am-12pm
 Session 3  The Spirituality of Aging  24 October 2024  10am-12pm
 Session 4  Spirituality and People Living with Dementia  7 November 2024  10am-12pm
 Session 5  Chaplaincy Skills in Working with Older People  14 November 2024  10am-12pm
 Session 6  Looking Forward - the Next Steps  21 November 2024  10am-12pm

To read about the commissioning of two recent Anna Chaplaincy course participants visit the national Anna Chaplaincy blog page.

Anna Chaplaincy in the Diocese is co-ordinated by Julia Burton-Jones, who is also Anna Chaplaincy Lead for the Diocese of Rochester.

The Anna Chaplaincy Working Group is responsible for developing good practice and support for Anna Chaplaincy, this includes Julia Burton-Jones, Judith Andrews, Jean Kerr, and Nigel Collins.


Neon sign with a speech bubble reading 'Hello'

Anna Chaplaincy Lead and Dementia Specialist

Julia Burton-Jones

Tel: 07912 240856


See the dementia Blog here: and follow on Twitter @juliaburtonjo

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