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Religious Literacy - the ability to hold a balanced and informed
conversation about religion and belief

Kent Agreed Syllabus – Planning guidance

The new Kent Agreed Syllabus (KAS) was launched on the 21st November 2017, rendering the previous KAS obsolete from September 2018. The Kent Agreed Syllabus will continue in its current form for another five years to 2027.

The Diocese of Canterbury has created a long term overview for Church schools to support their planning of RE in their schools. This overview incorporates Understanding Christianity units and world faith units written by RE Today and our diocesan officers.

Long term Overview for RE planning (updated March 2021)

World Faith Planning

Copies of the World Faith Planning will be provided to schools who pay their core service charge, via email. Other schools will be charged separately. These plans follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus. The plans must not be passed onto other schools, as they come with a strict copyright agreement with RE Today.

Christianity planning

Schools should continue to develop their plans using the Understanding Christianity materials. Church schools in Canterbury Diocese are encouraged to use Understanding Christianity for the teaching of the Christian faith. SIAMS inspectors consider these resources and planning to be the benchmark for providing a rich and varied enquiry approach to raise the religious literacy of all children.

Please contact Natalie Ralph (01227 459401) for more information on this.

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