Mileage Rates

When claiming expenses for driving, you can use the figures below to calculate your entitlement. In selecting your transport options for travelling to and from diocesan events, please be mindful of our responsibility to care for Creation: perhaps you could use public transport or car share to reduce the number of vehicles on the road? We know this won't always be possible, but please do what you can to reduce the carbon footrpint of your journey - and don't forget that you can be reimbursed for public transport and bicycle journeys (see below). 

Current mileage rates

  • Up to 10,000 miles per year: 45p/ mile
  • Above 10,000 per year: 25p/ mile
  • Public transport: 30p/ mile
  • Motorcycle rate: 24p/ mile
  • Bicycle rate: 20p/ mile

Where a person could use public transport but chooses instead to use their private vehicle, the amount reimbursed per mile will be reduced to 30p. The balance up to the full HMRC rate can be treated as an allowable expense in the individual’s tax return.

Page last updated: Monday 24th February 2020 12:29 AM
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