Rebuilding Community

Rebuilding Community - Rebuilding the wall 



A suite of resources have been written by Diocesan Advisors from Canterbury, Guildford, Rochester and St Albans Dioceses to support schools in rebuilding their communities following lockdown. 
The resources have been inspired by the Old Testament books, Ezra and Nehemiah. These books contain the story of the return of the Israelites from exile in Babylon. There are many parallels between the story of the Israelites and what is happening in schools now, hence why this story has been our foundation for these resources. ‘Let us start rebuilding’ (Nehemiah 2:18)
Pack 1Reflecting on the challenges.  A short set of reflections for school leaders considering the parallels between Nehemiah’s decision making and leadership situation and yours as a school leader now in 2020.  
Pack 2Refreshing body, mind and spirit through prayer and reflection activities.
Pack 3Reconnecting - Practical resources to prepare to reconnect together in school, with a focus on wellbeing.  
Pack 4 – Rebuilding – Acts of Collective Worship for primary schools based on the story of Nehemiah: 

These have been written so that there is a version to use with pupils in school and a parallel version to send for pupils to use at home.  (Further acts of worship can be found here)
Pack 5Support for curating an age-appropriate Leavers’ Service, marking transition in a spiritual way. This resource is based on the ‘Road to Emmaus’ story from the New Testament, when Jesus walked with two of his followers from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

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