LGBT+ Chaplaincy

We will shortly be launching our diocesan LGBT+ Chaplaincy, which will work alongside and support LGBT+ people, their families, friends, ministers, and anyone with an interest in LGBT+ matters. Earlier this year, Bishop Rose appointed Samuel Keeler-Walker as her LGBT+ Adviser, supported by an Oversight Group. We will soon be advertising for people to become LGBT+ Chaplains. The appointed people will work to create a safe and encouraging listening space to ensure that people can be offered appropriate pastoral and spiritual care.. We are hoping to build up a group of chaplains across our diocese that can represent the diversity of the LGBT+ community and the different theological convictions that people hold around sexuality and gender identity. As well as chaplains who are LGBT+ we are also looking for candidates who are not themselves part of the LGBT+ community, and especially people who have experience as a parent, guardian, or close family member of an LGBT+ person. For further information please contact the email Samuel

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