Parish Data

Image of computer screen with graphs onEvery year we ask parishes to provide us with data about church attendance, outreach, community work and life events such as weddings, christenings and confirmations. This data helps us as a diocese ot see where we best focus our resources in supporting the mission and ministry of the local church - it is also hugely helpful for parishes in  helping them to plan and resource their mission and ministry locally.

You can submit your parish Statistics for Mission or Finance Returns using the national Church of England Parish Returns website.

Thank you for your partnership in helping to keep our records accurate and useful - we simply couldn't do it without our amazing volunteers. 

If you have any queries about this data and how it is used and collected, please contact Director of Communications Anna Drew (01227 459401).

Find out more and explore the data on the Church of England's Research & Statistics webpages.



Watch this space for downloadable data for each parish from the 2019 Statistics for Mission returns.